Artist Michael Pinsky has been collaborating with Annie Nelson and Chris Woodward from artist collective Yoke to explore the routes and trails throughout City Fields and the surrounding area.

Last month Michael, Annie and Chris devised a Wakefield Wander walking from Stanley Ferry to The Hepworth Wakefield, exploring different routes in between, with a number of different groups including Open Country and local boaters from Stanley Ferry. Annie and Chris were able to build on connections made through their research into the stories past and present of the inland waterways, specifically Stanley Ferry, the culmination of which is currently being exhibited at The Art House and titled ‘Undercurrent’.


Michael and Yoke also visited Stanley Grove Primary school to deliver a creative workshop exploring the childrens’ response to City Fields and in order to gain a different perspective of the site they joined David from the Wakefield Cycle Forum on a bike ride through Heath, City Fields and into the city centre.


Michael is now in the process of developing a project proposal that combines temporary art interventions and orienteering that engages families and sports enthusiasts. More details coming soon.

Kate Watson