One to One Development Trust are very pleased to be awarded a new contract by Beam on behalf of Wakefield Council to create an ambitious online archive and documentation project about the CityFields development in Wakefield. The project is called Dreaming Streaming.

City Fields is a huge site to the East of the District with a large urban extension programme planned over the next twenty years. In addition to 2500 new homes there will be increased school provision, health, retail and community facilities, along with outdoor leisure opportunities via the 2km water frontage, open space provision and walking and cycling links to both the city centre and surrounding areas.

At one end of the new Eastern Relief Road sits Heath Common Traveller site – one of the UK’s largest and oldest permanent Traveller and Gyspy sites, drive down the relief road and you come to Stanley Ferry. Its origins dating back to pre-Viking times, but better known as the place where the Tom Pudding tub boats were loaded with coal from local collieries and transported down to Goole in long trains by canal. Now a favourite place with dog walkers, families who visit The Hungry Horse pub and an ever-growing boat community.

Like a spine running through the site, the relief road and River Calder link up neighbouring communities including Stanley, Eastmoor, Agbrigg, Belle Vue and Portobello. Communities that all have their own cultural identity.  Public art is part of a 20-year plan for City Fields, implemented by the Public Art Action Plan it aims to help create social, environmental and economic benefits and improve the quality of life for its local population.

Our project Dreaming Streaming is the start of this ambitious plan attracting and engaging people with new spaces and their neighbours.

History has an important impact on the concept of place. With time, places change, but every place has a legacy of past events. With an understanding of place and its history, comes a sense of belonging. Places are where people live, move round and interact so the characteristics of a place are vital in determining quality of life, health and wellbeing.

A place is not just physical landscape, roads, developments or boundaries – it is shaped by behaviour and actions, networks of social interactions. City Fields is a blank canvas to explore fundamentals of what ‘community’ means – to feel safe, to be well and happy, to explore and learn from your natural local environment and resources and to feel connected.


We will be looking at the heritage of the City Fields site, engaging the neighbouring communities – linking them up with newer residents, and documenting the start of this new community. We will be creating films, exhibitions, and a repository that can continue to be added to for many years as the community evolves. This resource will be useful for new residents to learn about their area, but also for artists, public health workers, education establishments and others to explore resources all held in one place.

Over the next few months, we will be talking with residents on City Fields, on neighbouring communities, schools, other artists working in the area, health professionals, environmentalists, developers, the business community, historians, archivists and volunteers (and everyone we can) to create a rich archive, interactive archive which will draw on the past to help shape the future.

Please follow the project on social media using the hashtag #DreamingStreaming and bookmark this page!

If you would like to be involved please contact Judi Alston, One to One Development Trust on 07901 686142.